Punda in Italian means an edge.
It was named like this because it lies on the southern edge of the main island.

Mouragio Tavern is on the way to Pounda, the most scenic, perhaps, area of the central coastal road of Poros, which has kept, as far as possible, the elements of old Poros, whether these are houses, or are fishing boats.

The neighborhood of fishermen, of taverns and of“Hasapiko of Poros”.
The long nightlife loved by the world, because of its authenticity and its sincere heart.

The authentic Punda
Fishing boats and yachts moving lazy in a row.
Lazy cats who stare at the fishermen, pack their nets.
These are some of the images you meet in Punda, when the sun is still high. When the neighborhood sleeps...
Because Punda rests the day and comes alive at night!

The old people remember that every evening there was party on Pounda. The crowd went down to flirt, dance and have fun, in the picturesque taverns, and later in bars and clubs.

Today, Punda remains the favorite neighborhood that gathers all of the nightlife of the island. Ideal area for walking and relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of the center of the beach.

Punda's stores, even today, retain the mark of authenticity that characterizes it. Every evening, you can enjoy your meal at the tables by the sea and after midnight the bars await you to enjoy your drink and the unique aura of the area.

When you are in Poros, do not bother to ask where you go to have fun at night. Everyone will send you to Punda.