Mouragio Tavern

Mouragio Tavern - Greek Restaurant - Poros

Tavern "Mouragio" is an authentic Greek restaurant located in Poros and at the coastal road to Punta, the most scenic place of Poros, with tables beside the sea.

The atmosphere combined with the unique flavors, tastes and impeccable service offered, ranks our restaurant amongst the best of its kind.

Greek tastes - and not only - by the hands of our experienced chef can satisfy the most demanding customers. Do not forget the dishes of the day.


APPETIZERS: "Mouragio" offers a variety of appetizers to start your meal, such as Flutes with ham and cheese, Fresh Mushrooms saute, Fried eggplants with tomato sauce, Cheese pies, Spring rolls with vegetables, Fava with spring onions and capers, Zucchini balls, Seasonal greens.

SALADS: Our Restaurant is renowned for serving salads, all made by the hands of our experienced chef. There are many proposals to choose as Cesares, Mosaic, Tuna salad, Feast, Greek, Rocket parmesan and Politiki cabbage salad.

COOKED: Many of our customers prefer homemade cooked food as one of these three excellent choices: Veal in tomato sauce, Veal with lemon sauce and oregano, Veal stew, Moussaka, Mum's Chicken.

FISHES: Your choices are many... from fresh fish on grill to octopus in vinegar, shrimps saganaki, shrimp pasta, spaghetti with mussels, steamed mussels etc.

PASTA: Chef's specialties are pasta. Ravioli with spinach and anthotiro, Spaghetti Napoliten, Penne arrabiata, Spaghetti carbonara, Spaghetti bolognese, Spaghetti aglio olio, Spaghetti forestiera, Spaghetti with porcini mushrooms, Penne with salmon, Risotto porcini.

MEAT: There are many choices of fresh, local meats to choose from. Grilled burgers, Burgers ala creme, Burgers with roquefort sauce, Grilled chicken fillet, Chicken ala creme, Chicken with mustard sauce, Grilled tenderloin, Tenderloin ala creme, Tenderloin with mustard sauce, Pork steak, Beef steak, Chicken skewer, Pork skewer, Lamb chops, Beef fillet and Beef rib eye.

WHAT TO DRINK: In our restaurant, except bottled wines, we offer very palatable house wines, White, Roze or Red. Also Beers Amstel, Heineken, Kaiser, Mythos, Fischer, Stella Artois, Fix, Amstel pilsener and refreshments.

DESSERTS: Remember, when you finish your food to taste Panakota, Orange Pie and Chocolate Pie, prepared by our Chef exclusively for customers of the restaurant with fresh ingredients.

In winter we operate inside our restaurant and in summer at the pier, by the sea.

The friendly atmosphere, very good food, excellent service and reasonable prices will turn your night into an unforgettable experience.